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join us for our monthly workshops

led by acclaimed teachers and our artists in residence.

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Performing Live Cinema

In this 2 hour workshop FWD's August artist in residence, Abel Enklaar, will share their practice called Performing Live Cinema. PLC is the name for a theatrical language that combines movement and video in a live setting. The performers on stage use cameras and projectors to project onto their own bodies and the stage around them.


Using a mix of live and pre recorded video, your own body, and a laptop . You can explore ways in which your body can extend into or beyond the screen. We will make use of a program called Isadora. After the workshop you'll have a basic understanding of this software and can explore ways to integrate it into your practice. 


the workshop is aimed at those with interest in utilising video in their performance work or videographers interested in finding ways to work live on stage. 


participants are expected to bring a laptop.

Suggested donation - £10-£25

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