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Emma Belabed


January 2023


Studio I + II


New choreographic dance piece 


I’m a self-taught, French-Algerian movement artist currently based in London.


My work explores the interplay between pedestrian and expressive movement. I like to create worlds that research rawness, exhaustion, surrealism, and theatricality. I work closely with music, allowing myself to absorb the textures of

sound into my body intuitively.


As an artist my work encompasses different facets. I have worked as a solo performer, movement director, model, as well as dancing for different artists and choreographers. My work as a solo performer has been for independent London collectives such as Lazarus, Unvale, Lasting Speciment and

Roundmouth. During these performances I tended to mix my own music, in many occasions bringing classical and techno music together. I have also worked with artists and choreographers such as Agnes?, Magnus Westwell,

Marcelino Sambé, Max Cookward, Candela Capitan etc. For instance, my last commercial work was for The Victoria And Albert Museum. In this film we take the viewer around the museum, encountering all the different art forms

available within.

all images and videos copyright Viki Cercek + Mark Sheats

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