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YAMINA lyara


2020 - present


Studio I + II

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Yamina Lyara is a multi-disciplinary movement artist, somatic facilitator and creative director working and collaborating throughout the creative field. Her practice is rooted in holistic embodiment, creating sacred spaces and facilitate self expression in its boundless forms. “The body is a gateway and map to true inner standing, self discovery and authentic being.” She believes in creativity as a tool to create new realms and through the home coming of the individual to serve and empower the collective. 

Her current work “Tongues Untied” researches and explores the innate wisdom enmeshed in our untamed bodies. It dives and conveys the unseen worlds within and without, our relationship to the earth and honours matriarchal principles. In the search of re-enchanting ourselves with our raw and unleashed expression. 

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yamina lyara

all images and videos copyright Yamina Lyara

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