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July 2022


Studio I 



Olivia Grassot is a freelance movement Artist. She originally comes from Belgium where she started her beginning on stage at Les Beaux-arts with the Conservatoire de la danse de Bruxelles. She continued her training in London where she graduated from the Rambert school of Ballet and Contemporary dance.


Since then, Olivia performed works from Jason Mabana, Oscar Schlemmer, Magnus Westwell, Lin Wen-Chung, Cheng Yi-wen, Karolin Stächele. - Around the UK, Europe and China. She has worked with different companies such as Matsena Productions, Kennedy Muntanga Dance Theatre, Equilibrio Dinamico ensemble, Royal Opera House and B21 Company.


Alongside performing, Olivia teaches and choreographs. She has been invited to teach at the RWCMD, Studio Pro Arte, Dance Emotion Academy, Synopsis Youth ballet,.. She also devotes her time on creating her work ‘AOmaon collective’ with Adélie Lavail. She believes that artistry consist in being open-minded, ready to collaborate and

to meet the unknown - to question ourselves and what surrounds us to then create authenticity.



Adélie Lavail was born in Perpignan, France. She is an independent artist based in London and Europe. She graduated from the Rambert School with a degree in ballet and contemporary dance. Before joining Rambert, she attended the Kibbutz programme in Israel.


Since 2018 she had the opportunity to work for different choreographers on different stages around the world like Jason Mabana, Harry Parr, Kim Brandstrup, Magnus Westwell, Anthony Matsena, Chantal Kohlmeyer.

She also had the chance to work on the installation "Disobedience" with Studio INI for the London Design Biennale at Somerset House 2018 where she helped the studio define the choreography and also advised the designers on how architecture allows for experimentation and the interrelation between body and

space. She has created several works for different institutions and schools that have performed in the UK, France and Germany such as Namow, Misanthrope, Utopic Society.


Adelie is currently one of the co-founders of AOmaon collective and is working on a new creation as a dancer and choreographer, alongside her own research development.

Adélie Lavail.jpeg



Sound designer and composer Ieva Vaiti focuses on bridging analogue and digital worlds often encompassing collage processes and creating interweaving textures of strings, synths and rhythms. Her work has spanned

across dance & theatre scores, to interactive VR experiences, installations and film.

IEVA Vaiti.jpg

Founded in October 2019, AOmaon Dance, is a creative collective dedicated to choreographic and visual art.


AOmaon is created by two young French artists :

Olivia Grassot And Adélie Lavail. They met at the Rambert School of Ballet andContemporary Dance (London). They discovered a mutual interest in choreography and started generating their own body language. Since then, AOmaon Dance has been invited to choreograph and to share their own practice with students from different schools around EU. As independent artists, they both worked as performers and teachers around the UK, Europe and China.


They use dance as a body language to express their ideas, reveal their emotions and celebrate their values. AOmaon collective is constantly looking at exchange of ideas to push their creativity beyond its limits. This meeting point, through dance, represents a collective strength. They are looking to share a social experience and to open borders of imagination with the participants, the audience, the

collaborators and the curious minds.



Antoine Coppi, 25 years old, is a young Belgian artist currently based in Brussels, as a free-lance dancer/performer. He started his professional

journey at La maison Béjart. He then started his professional studies in Palucca University of dance in Dresde, Germany. He finished and graduated from the Academy of the Arts, Amsterdam, in Modern Theatre en Dans department.

Following that, he was part of the « young talent program» of Scapino Ballet in Rotterdam. All of the different types of training and professional experience allowed him to develop as a versatile performer and creator.

Antoine Coppi.jpeg


Elena Puchol was born in 1996 in Valencia, Spain. In 2004 Elena started her classical training in Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Valencia and later went on to attain a BA (Hons) Degree from Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London. Since 2019 Elena has been freelancing artist, performing for different choreographers such us Ramon Oller, Jesus Pedroche,

Chantal Kohlmeyer, Parcel Creatives and since 2022 she joined AOMaon collective. She also has been creating and performing her own choreographic work in Teatros del Canal-Madrid , Teatro Principal Palencia, Teatro Principal

Burgos, Teatro Valle-Inclán and now she finishing at the same time her higher degree in visual and show production and higher degree in contemporary dance in Conservatorio Superior de Danza María de Ávila.

Elena puchol 2.jpeg

all images and videos copyright Viki Cercek + Mark Sheats

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