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august 2022


Studio I + II


The Serpents Within is a solo that aims to convey the story of a woman (herself) who has faith in her path, but how life always has something else in store. The Serpents Within is a way of describing the pains, tribulations, injustices, sickness, deep love and huge joys of what a human interacts with in their lives. It addresses the way we as humans, on an individual basis, rightly treat and manage our minds, bodies, attitudes, beliefs, feelings and emotions. How all of these experiences equate to a full life, how these experiences let us walk away with the wisdom to see another day. 


By building this world for myself and others to witness, through connecting to the parts of myself that can only be expressed through movement and the depths of communication that can only be seen and felt through movement rather than articulation of language. I expect there to be challenging moments, and I’m very ready to put the work in so people begin to recognise my he(art). 


As an artist I have been connecting with this story for over a year, and as a woman I have been connecting to this story my entire life. I would love the opportunity to delve deeper into my practice, to fully dive deep into the waters of creation and allow the unfolding of The Serpents Within to finally connect to me, and to be mine. 


My aim is to create the solo, and collaborate with my partner FaceSoul (musician) where he will develop a soundscape score that is created by the sonic sounds of a loop station. I would then hope to premiere this solo at Fieldworks Dance, with the hope of leading two workshops. By which will be led by myself; musically collaborating with FaceSoul. 


Saturday - 15.10.22 11:30-1:30pm


Join our FWD artist in residence, Freja Jenkin, in our first ever open workshop, allowing you to join in exploring the creative process.

This workshop will be divided into two distinct parts, the first an exploration of creative movement - discovering the foundations that we build upon, feeling and seeing our movement in space,  and understanding what drives us to create, all led by Freja.

The second half of this workshop will be a choreographic exploration - a process that will be a collaborative venture, taking what we've gained in the previous section in our understanding of movement and how we can use that new knowledge to explore our personal and group creativity.

This is a donation based class

No previous experience is required, just an open mind


Freja Jenkin is a freelance multi-disciplinary artist navigating this field under the forms of a movement artist, movement directer and model. She honours the creative and natural world by integrating the arts of dance and botany. Freja is the founder of herbal alchemy community business, Medisun which was created in January 2020. Her work is grounded and derives from the topics of research around Faith, female liberation, accountability and mental + emotional + spiritual stability and personal and collective health. In essence, Freja chooses to make art that is inclusive, integral and beneficial to those who witness with their heart open. 


Her practice is rooted in contemporary dance and experimental after receiving her (BPA Hons Northern School of Contemporary Dance, 2017) She has gained artistic experience by performing for Joan Clevillé, worked with Rosemary Lee, Dancing Strong Company, Georgina Starr and other independent artists for small projects such as dance films and music videos. 


Freja predominantly explores the realms of improvisation, creating work and connecting with artists that take to a more spiritual inclination when delving into and developing their work. Over the last 5 years, Freja has been developing her practice by training her mobility over flexibility, gaining insight into the bodies complexities and capabilities beyond form. She uses methods of meditation techniques, mobility, strengthening and self led improvisation to grant her access into the deepest parts of her structure to create an authentic way of moving. This practice has taken her away from the mainstream avenues of work, and so she aims to achieve success by creating + choreographing her own work to share her insides and story tell through the medium of dance and natural ways of living. 

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FaceSoul bio coming soon...

all images and videos copyright Viki Cercek + Mark Sheats

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