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Wency Lam


May 2023


Studio I + The Annex


"'Is Any Body Home?' is a contemporary dance/physical theatre performance exploring the in-between space of the overlapping of multiple identities. It is a continuation from a strand of my MA EDP final project, (Overseas) during my studies at LCDS. My ongoing autoethnographic research is about navigating decolonization and identity from the perspective of a Hong Konger who was colonized by Britain, resists the reunification with the ‘mother country’ China,

questions colonialism, but chooses to migrate to UK. In-between works with the embodied uncertainty, crisis, and chaos that arises in the in-between space where previous identities have dissolved and no clear identity is established.


'Is Any Body Home?' is a duet developed majorly from the practice of contact improvisation. The contact work will explore how two bodies work together as one and the continuous negotiation between the ‘one body’. The duet attempts to bring the audience into a state of confusion where there is no clear definition of two separate bodies but the unsettled contradiction within the ‘one body’."


Wency is a dance theatre/physical theatre maker born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and currently based in the UK. Their practice is heavily rooted in somatic practices, body-mind connection, and contact improvisation. She is particularly interested in exploring body politics, identity, colonialism, and feminism through her creative work.

Wency has had four years of experience performing professionally across commercial and theatrical settings in Hong Kong, and she has recently graduated from MA Expanded Dance Practice at London Contemporary Dance School, emerging as a choreographer/director.


During their MA studies, she has presented an immersive installation titled 'Be water' and a dance theatre performance titled '(Overseas)'.

Outside of her studies, she has presented Conditioning I&II at the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music and The O at the London Festival of Architecture.  Wency has also

created a short film titled 'SOMA' which has received an Honourable Mention from the Student World Impact Film Festival.


Join us on 06.06.23 for a workshop exploring the movements and creative process behind Wency's latest work 'Is Anybody Home?'.

During this 1.5 hour workshop you will be led through a series of movements and prompts which will assist in uncovering memories in the body, story telling through the use of props, and exploring the translation of emotions to movement.

Dancers, actors, and creative practitioners of all levels are welcome!

all images and videos copyright Viki Cercek + Mark Sheats

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