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may+june 2022


Studio I + II



Emma Greene (she/her) is a dance artist and researcher, who works predominantly within contemporary and hip-hop styles. Emma studied a BA in contemporary dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, and since graduating in 2021 has trained in Hip-hop techniques with Wolfpack dance collective. Emma's work often explores human experience and blends artistic formats.


Her work explores the London underground tube as a liminal space. This piece  will attempt to embody the idea of fluctuating space where socially normative and deviant behaviors are pushed into close proximity. The movement process will focus on presenting an abstraction of human behaviors observed by the choreographer and performers and the piece attempts to capture the environment of the London underground space in a provoking way. This work involves collaboration with photographer and visual artist Sinem Munur.



Alice Ortona Coles (she/her) is a dancer and choreographer, interested in the intersection between dance, design and performance. She trained at London Contemporary Dance School and the California Institute for the Arts. Most recently, she performed at the Venice Dance Biennale in works by Xavier Le Roy, Marie Chouinard and Marco D'Agostin. Since 2021 she has been choreographing and producing her own work.


Alice’s creative process invites witnessing how works are born in a particular space, out of a particular group of people, defined by each of their personal experiences, backgrounds and cultures. She is deeply invested in design and image, and in her work she wants to build fantastical worlds where she explores what it means to be human through the mythic, magical and surreal. Using dance she wants to cultivate empathy and connection through this one thing we all have in common: a body.


Synne Lundegaard (she/her) is a dancer, choreographer and producer working to further the reach of emerging creators in London and abroad. Having studied at London Contemporary Dance School, her embodied movement practice feeds into every aspect of her work, while her creative expression centers around how movement and costume can morph the way we understand the body. This autumn, she co-choreographed and produced the site-specific piece “Bodies of Water”, a visual spectacle upon the Thames. She has recently produced and curated a showing of young artists’ solos in Gallery Semmingsen in Oslo.

With Covid-19 emphasizing the challenges young and emerging artists face in trying to establish their career and expression, Lundesgaard expanded her practice to include production, focusing on providing opportunities and resources to other creators. Lundesgaard is producing “Vertical Terrain” as part of a long-term goal to build a creative environment which supports sustainable artistic careers.

Vertical Terrain aims for each artist to feel they have explored and gained a deeper understanding of their own creative practice and to create a more inclusive, connected and vibrant dance community in London.



that travis
Singer-songwriter, sound and performing artist.

Born in the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong, they grew in the post-colonial period. With their voice being the centre of their work, weaving genres or mediums together, they explore the liminality of human existence in the current. Their voice is visceral, vibrant and constantly changing, to reflect and converse the primitivity of being human.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, movement director, choreographer, dance artist, Scout Nankin (they/them) started their training with Marat Daukayev School of Ballet and is a graduate of Los Angeles High school of the Arts and Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. As a movement director, they strive to create a safe space for the performers and guide them emotionally and physically with knowledge of the scene. As a choreographer, Scout is interested in confronting society's binary system through the absurd. Scout is also the founder of Roundmouthcollective, a creative company that produces events and projects to showcase and connect artists of all mediums. Combining elements of dance, theatre and performance art, Scout has created work challenging Gender roles, family dynamics and the manipulation that performance brings to a space. They are dedicated to the use of contemporary performance art as an agent of change to bring meaningful, challenging art to an audience.


Agnes Luck Galpin (she/her) is a contemporary dance choreographer, film-maker and performer. With a BA (Hons) from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD), she is now looking to establish a practice in the UK. One of her stage works “Let’s Start From Somewhere Completely Random” was invited to be shown at O.Z.O.R.A. festival, Hungary, in 2019. 

Her topic focus has been “absence as a presence” for the past four years and, as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, a lot of her current inspiration comes from queerness and identity. She hopes to open up the world of contemporary dance to other art forms and the rest of the art community in an accessible yet provoking way. One way of doing this is often using comedy as a tool in her dance works and combining themes of slapstick and surreal humour with dark themes expressed through movement and theatre. Since moving back to the UK in 2020, she has started working as a woodwork technician and freelancing as a carpenter - a new and exciting skill that she is very passionate about. She plans to use these skills in order to design and build sets for her new works, and is currently working on starting up a collaborative company with her network of musicians, performers and visual artists.

all images and videos copyright Viki Cercek + Mark Sheats

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