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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Before booking with Emigre Ltd trading as FieldWorks Dance (further referred to as 'us', 'our', 'FWD'), Clients (further referred to as 'you', 'student') should read these Terms & Conditions carefully. 

1. "CLIENT" - referring to you

2. "FWD" - referring to us, the studio

3. "ORGANISER" - referring to the class/performance/workshop/etc. teacher/host/choreographer/lecturer


If you are unable to agree with the Terms & Conditions, you must not book or attend the services offered by Emigre Ltd trading as FieldWorks Dance. If you agree to the Terms & Conditions unconditionally, you may book and attend the services offered by us, subject always to these Terms & Conditions. Booking and/or attending Emigre Ltd trading as FieldWorks Dance lessons or classes shall indicate your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.


To use the Our Services, you must: (a) have the authority to enter into this Agreement on your own behalf or on behalf of the entity using the Our Services; and  (b)  comply with our Terms & Conditions and all applicable laws.


Emigre Ltd trading as FieldWorks Dance may amend these Terms & Conditions at any time by posting the amended Terms & Conditions on the website without warning. The version of the Terms & Conditions that applies to the services offered by Emigre Ltd trading as FieldWorks Dance shall always be the version enforced at the time the services offered by Emigre Ltd trading as FieldWorks Dance were Booked.


As a potential client with Emigre Ltd trading as FieldWorks Dance, we require you to follow these Terms & Conditions. Emigre Ltd trading as FieldWorks Dance has the right to terminate your membership at any time if any part of this agreement is breeched. In the case of such an event you, the Client, are not eligible for a refund of any paid services with Emigre Ltd trading as FieldWorks Dance.


We are not the creator, organiser, or owner of the events listed on the Services nor are we the seller of tickets, registrations or any merchandise on the Services. Instead, we provide our Services, which assist Organisers to manage ticketing and registrations and promote their events. 

When hosting an event, the Organiser is solely responsible for ensuring that their event and any page displaying an event complies with any applicable laws, rules, and regulations, and that the goods and services described on the event page are delivered as described and in an accurate, satisfactory manner. 

If the Organizer uses FWD Payment Processing (defined in the Merchant Agreement), we act as the Organiser's limited agent to process payments from Consumers on the Organizer's behalf using our third-party payment service providers.



Cancellations and rescheduling must be made up to 72hrs (three days) prior to the booking. Class credit will be placed onto your account, and rebooking can be made through your account directly.  Credit is non-transferrable. Classes cancelled less than 24hrs, will be offered class credit on a case by case basis.  Once a class has begun and/or taken place, no credit can be offered. No exceptions. Please note that as long as the classes can run and Emigre Ltd trading as FieldWorks Dance is able to provide the venue, and/or instructor, we accept no liability to replace a lesson due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather conditions or strike action.


If you are unable to attend private lessons or have to reschedule you must do so 72hrs (three days) prior to the booking. You are not entitled to a class credit if the cancellation or rescheduling is done within 48hrs (two days). You may discuss this further with your instructor if missing a class is due to unforeseeable events.  Credit is non-transferrable.



Studio credit will be issued in the event of a cancellation depending cancellation notice period. Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before the scheduled class takes place.


Cancellations less than 24 hours BEFORE the scheduled class takes place, will be made on a case by case basis. 

No studio credit will be offered once the scheduled class has begun or passed.


We strive to our fullest ability to avoid cancelling classes, but in the rare case that a class must be cancelled, depending on how the class was purchased you will receive either full credit (class passes) or a refund for the cancelled class (individual class purchase).


All of our classes passes are nontransferable, unless explicitly agreed in writing with Us.  

Monthly classes passes are auto-renewed until cancelled, they can be cancelled at anytime.  Refunds for whole or partial months are not available.

Liability Waiver

I (the "Client") understand and agree that in participating in any dance class, workshop, rehearsal or performance, there is a possibility of physical injury/illness. I voluntarily agree, therefore, to assume all risks and responsibility for any such injury, accident, or illness to me or my child, which might occur to me or my child during any Emigre Ltd trading as FieldWorks Dance classes, rehearsals, performances, or activities. I also exempt, release, and indemnify Emigre Ltd trading as FieldWorks Dance, its owners, agents, teachers, volunteers, assistants, employees, guest artists, faculty members, and/or students from any and all liability claims, demands, or causes of action whatsoever from any damage, illness, loss, or injury, to me, my children, or property which may arise out of or in connection with participation in any classes or activities conducted by Emigre Ltd., trading as FieldWorks Dance. I further hereby voluntarily agree to waive my rights and that of my heirs and assignees to hold Emigre Ltd trading as FieldWorks Dance, its owners, agents, volunteers, assistants, employees, guest artists, faculty members, and/or students liable for such damage, illness, loss, or injury. I understand that I should be aware of my physical limitations and agree not to exceed them. If I am accepting this waiver for my children, I certify that I am the parent or legal guardian and have the right to waive these rights.


Permission is granted to Emigre Ltd trading as FieldWorks Dance to use photographs of Clients for publicity purposes.


Terms & Conditions


Be courteous to your fellow students and instructors, by keeping the time and being prepared for lessons and classes.  

If you are taking pictures and videos, ask all participants for permission and before posting on any social media.

Clean up after yourself in all areas of the studio, but feel free to bring your food and eat it in the lounge area.

Must wear heel protectors at all times on high heels.

The sole of the shoe must be clean at all times while in the studio.

Keep relationships between teachers and students professional while on the premises.

In case of social events / parties happening at the studio, drink responsibly. Any member of the administration team is permitted to stop you from consuming more alcohol, if necessary.

Emigre Ltd., Company 05423448, registered office Penylan Studios, 50 Flower Lane, London NW7 2JL, trading address FieldWorks Dance 274 Richmond Road, Arch 2, London E8 3QW

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