Adult Open Classes

Ballet Barre w/ Katya



Katya trained at ENB, before dancing with Stuttgart ballet and English National Ballet. She went on to dance soloist roles with Aalto Ballet Essen, Dortmund Ballet, and the Royal Opera House.

This is a recalibrated ballet barre focusing on fitness, posture and strength with an integrated stretch series to keep your body supple and healthy. Achieve sculpted arms, a strong centre and streamlined legs, with no bulking. Katya prides herself on being a compassionate teacher, nurturing students to achieve their full potential.

Vinyasa Flow w/ Katie



Katie's classes are dynamic but balanced, inviting a sense of lightness and fun. In a group setting, her goal is to provide an offering that everyone can adapt and apply, with an understanding that each person’s experience is uniquely their own.

Re:form w/ Katya



Having danced professionally for 12 years, Katya has explored a range of movement practices to keep her mind and body healthy. During this conditioning class, she draws on all her experience, including elements of floor barre, pilates, gyrokinesis, yoga and meditation.

The class offers a chance to nurture body and mind through movement. We’ll begin with a breath work practice to flush out negativity and toxins, leaving you ready for a series of conditioning exercises — designed to tone the body and regulate the nervous system. The class concludes with a short meditation, helping you to meet strength with softness and awareness.

Adv/Pro Ballet w/ Crystal



Crystal has found her love of ballet extends to teaching and has found great joy in sharing what she has learned throughout her career. Her classes are filled with energy and are aimed at sharing her love of dance with her students. They are designed to help you learn how to travel through space, play with the music and,  most importantly, inspire you to fall in love with ballet all over again.

Int Ballet w/ Jordan



As a coach Jordan is known for providing the required support and guidance to aid in fine tuning technique, developing ones artistry and creating a productive environment to encourage individualism. 


Jordan’s priority is to allow anyone taking class to understand that dance is a craft and each dancer can create their individual movement quality and style.

Int Contemporary w/ GG



A dynamic and playful contemporary class, that reflects GG's movement practice as an artist. The class draws on influences from different movement techniques such as improvisation, release, floor work and yoga. Her class structure enables a flexible approach towards expanding the possibilities of our physical and mental dancing bodies, whilst ensuring that focus, challenge and fun are the cornerstones of the class.

Int/Adv Neo-Classical w/ Katya



A class focused on choreographic phrases to allow freelancers to keep their creativity flowing. Katya has danced for leading companies including ENB, Stuttgart, Dortmund and Aalto Ballett Essen, in creation with top choreographers. She has since gone on to choreograph for brands, music videos, and film as well as continuing to develop her own dance films.

The class will begin with a simple barre, followed by a short movement meditation, before introducing choreographic phrases with a focus on individual artistry. This class is suitable for classical and contemporary dancers (who have a strong classical base). Pointe shoes are welcome.

Hip-Hop Foundations and Choreo w/ Leah + Marta



Leah and Marta believe it is as important to learn the foundations and performance aspect of a style as it is to allow students to be creative with it and take their practice further, giving their students the tools to understand and work on their performance quality.

Kids Classes

Yoga for Kids (ages 6-9) w/ Crystal


May 29th-June19th


4 week course


Introducing children to yoga and mindfulness using methods inspired by Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and the Montessori method of educating the “whole child”. We will explore yoga poses, mindfulness, breathing exercises and relaxation in creative and fun ways through interactive adventures of a different weekly theme. This course aims to help children experience the many benefits of yoga, giving them tools in their continuing development to be calm and resilient.