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Absolute Beginner Ballet w/ Isla




Studio II

This weekly class is geared towards those who have either never taken ballet or are returning from a long hiatus.  You will be (re)introduced to classical terminology and movement through a classical ballet barre giving you the opportunity to build core strength, mental and physical flexibility, musicality, and leg tone.  


Class will conclude with centre practice, which will offer you more freedom of movement and personal creativity. All in a warm, supportive, and welcoming environment.

Please note - This class will be covered by Ludovic from 16.01.23 - 06.02.23 while Isla is away

Ballet Improvers w/ Isla




Studio II

Ballet Improvers is the next step after Ballet for Beginners. The class will continue to build on classical ballet technique foundations, posture, body awareness and skeletal alignment. Having a basic grasp of classical ballet technique is recommended. Being familiar with, and being able to execute, steps such as démi-plié, grand-plié, tendu, jêté, glissé, ronde de jambe, fondu, port de bras, croisé, en face, devant, de côté, derrière, en croix, retiré, balance and pas de bourée will be advantageous but not a necessity. Dancers are encouraged to ask questions and work at a place and level they feel comfortable with. If you require further information, please feel free to message the tutor.


Wearing gym-like attire and dancing in socks or ballet slippers is advisable

Intermediate Contemporary w/ Alys




Studio II

This class is open for anyone who enjoys moving, and for anyone who would like to discover and experiment within movement. Through set exercises and some improvisation, we’ll establish a technical foundation and explore different qualities of movement - how we can access these within our bodies, and how we can implement them into choreography. The class will be both a technical and creative challenge, approached with softness. Expect to sweat, explore your movement style and the space around you. 


Wearing gym-like attire and dancing in cotton socks

Bodies in Action - Into Connection w/ Leanne



Donation based

The Annex

These therapeutic movement and dance sessions aim to provide a dedicated space for participants to embody their experiences through creative movement explorations.  Through dance, individuals can authentically connect with themselves, interact with fellow participants, express and understand their inner subjective worlds. Participants will also have the chance to chat and exchange insights.

'Bodies in Action' - Ballet for Contemporary Dancers 





Studio II

This class is focused on creating an inclusive and positive space for professional contemporary dancers. Everybody is welcome to engage in our ballet for contemporary dancers company class without regard to gender identity, race, body type or disability; diversity is something we pride ourselves on. We aim to provide a class that will allow the body to become more aware of its physical activity and how we can further develop and hone in on our skills as contemporary dancers.

Taught by Julian Nichols

Bodies in Action - Company Class (27.05 - 12.06)

Monday - Friday


Schedule -


Mondays - Improvisation with Kayla McClellan

Tuesday (28.05 + 11.06) - Contemporary with Nadine Muncey

Tuesday (04.06) - Contemporary with Benji Knapper 

Wednesdays + Fridays - Ballet with Julian Nichols

Thursdays - Yoga with Sara Augerias

All class are advanced/professional level

Purchase 'Company Class Pass' HERE and save £6.50 when you book the entire series

TINY DANCER - Ballet for ages 2-5 yrs


9:00-9:30am (2-4y)




Studio II

Classes will include a warm-up, an introduction to the foundations of classical ballet technique, and improvisational time for your little one to explore their own unique style. Each class will be carefully choreographed around a theme, which will offer your child a view into the world of classical music and ballets throughout history.  

These are 30 minute weekly classes where parents are invited to observe and support their little ones along the way, classes are for ages 2-4 (9:00am-9:30am) and ages 3-5 (9:45am-10:15am).

There is no set dress code, we recommend leotards for girls and bike shorts and t-shirt for boys with full sole leather ballet slippers and socks for all.  Or simply anything your child can move freely and comfortably in and cotton socks.

TINY DANCER - Contemporary for ages 10-12 yrs




Studio II

Looking for a fun and exciting way for your child to stay active and express themselves through dance? This class is the perfect fit! 


In this class, children will learn a blend of modern and ballet techniques, set to current music that they love. Our experienced instructors will guide them through a variety of movements and choreography, helping them build strength, flexibility, and coordination in a supportive and encouraging environment.


Whether your child is a beginner or has some dance experience, they will have a blast learning new skills and creating beautiful dances with their peers. Join us and watch your child grow as a dancer and artist!


Sign up for our kids contemporary dance class today and let your child shine on the dance floor!

Private 1:1 and Private Group Lessons

Private Classes

Private Lessons

We offer an array of private 1:1 or group lessons in Hip-Hop, Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, and Contemporary for kids and adults

We also offer first dance coaching, this can be choreographed to a song of your choice, giving you and your partner that extra bit of confidence on your big day

Prices vary depending on the number

of participants and the teacher,

please get in touch for further details

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