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We love our pop-up classes, please note these classes are independently run and are not associated with the studio.  To book you will need to contact the pop-ups directly

Postnatal Yoga with Sarah Burgess - a fun, engaging and relaxing class for mums & babies


These classes provide a special time for mums and their babies to bond through movement and relaxation. 


Teacher, Sarah Burgess, has been teaching pre- and post-natal yoga for over 8 years and is passionate about supporting women through this special period of their lives of pregnancy and new motherhood.


Postnatal yoga sequences will help tone and strengthen muscles, improve posture and combat fatigue. 


For babies, there will be playful movement, songs and gentle massage to promote sleep, digestion and overall healthy development.


Suitable for Mums following their 6-week postnatal check (or 8-week post C-section), and for babies up until they are crawling. 

Postnatal Yoga w/ Sarah Burgess



A journey to rediscover our body's ability, freedom and technique by softening our approach to ballet with a contemporary lens. 

The class focuses on fluidity, musicality, and spatial awareness, where participants are encouraged to infuse their style through diverse combinations designed to challenge and inspire individual creativity. MAM likes to foster a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where participants feel empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and movements.

Contemporary Ballet with MAM (intermediate/advanced level) 

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