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Pei Yun Chua

Rambling Bodies



My name is Pei Yun and I am a trauma-informed mover, teacher, choreographer, facilitator and interdisciplinary

collaborator who continues to explore what it means to find our authenticity through movement.


I began my journey as a dancer, which led me to explore ways in which I could connect with people from all walks of life and ages through my works and sharing of common space.


With the pandemic, I began to explore how I could offer support to others and from that exploration, mental health became an important aspect that motivated me to pursue my current training at Goldsmiths as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist trainee.


I desire to hold safe spaces for creations, conversations, and expressions to unfold. I believe that the body is a place

where our lived experiences are stored, and I hope to use movement as a medium to navigate these stories in my

practice as an artist and a therapist.

I graduated from both the Diploma in Dance program with Distinction and the BA (Hons) Dance Program with First

Class Honours at LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

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