Private Hire - Studio I

Studio Access

Welcome to the FWD community, we're super excited to have you at the studio!

The following is detailed information on how to find and access the studio.  Please have a look through and if you have any questions just shoot me an email and I'll get back to you right away.

Finding us

The entrance for Studio I is via Martello St.

47 Martello St

Hackney E8 3PE


There is a lockbox located just next to the gate, inside you will find a key fob which you just touch to the panel located directly below.

Code is 2-7-4-9

Please close and scramble lockbox after retrieving key-fob

dance studio keybox.jpg

Once through the gates, we are the 4th arch on your right.

The keys are located in a lockbox attached to the right of the door.


2-7-4-9 (please close and scramble lockbox once keys have been retrieved)

martello gate keybox.jpg

The studio

Light switches are located to the left of the door as you enter.


XLN for small biz_XN01

Password: dg34tXXX


There is an AUX cable connected to the speakers.


Once connected to the wifi - the speakers are also accessible by way of AirPlay under STUDIO I


Buzzing others in

There is a phone located in the studio for you to use to buzz others into the studio.  I recommend silencing it during your class.

once answered press 0 before you start speaking

Once you know who it is press to buzz them in


Loos are located across the courtyard in the white single story building, next to the bike shop.


We're sad to see you go, but hope you enjoyed your time!

When leaving the studio:

- Turn off ALL lights and any portable heaters


-- Lock the studio entrance door

- Return studio key to lockbox, being sure to scramble code, otherwise lockbox is left unlocked.

- Exit through the same gate you entered, closing the gate behind you

- Return key-fob to lockbox, being sure to scramble code

See you again soon!