Private Hire

Studio Access

Welcome to the FWD community, we're super excited to have you at the studio!

The following is detailed information on how to find and access the studio.  Please have a look through and if you have any questions just shoot me an email and I'll get back to you right away.

Finding us

Our entrance is just off of Richmond Road

across the street from Pophams cafe

FieldWorks Dance

274 Richmond Road

London E8 3QW


The keys are located in a lockbox attached to the shipping container on your right


1-9-8-8 (please close and scramble lockbox once keys have been retrieved)

There are two keys, one for the padlock on the big gate, and the second for the door of the studio.

Once through the gates, we are the first set of wooden doors on your right.

The middle lock is the one you're looking for.

We share our eclectic lobby with the awesome florist Fluoresse

Please enjoy, but do not touch.

The studio

Light switches are located behind the small door located in the polycarbonate column in the back right hand corner of the studio.  Information on connecting to the speakers and wifi is also located there.


XLN for small biz_XN01

Password: dg34tXXX


Our speakers are used via Airplay

(don't worry, notifications on your phone won't interrupt music)

Once connected to the wifi, the speakers will be displayed when selecting Airplay (can also be selected directly in Spotify through the "more devices" icon).


We're sad to see you go...

When leaving the studio:

- Turn off ALL lights and any portable heaters


-- Lock the MIDDLE lock on the studio door


- We share the courtyard with the gym next door, please check if there is anyone in the gym

       1 - Gym is empty, lock the gate with the padlock

       2 - Gym is occupied, leave gate UNLOCKED

- Return keys to lockbox, being sure to scramble code, otherwise lockbox is left unlocked.

Hope to see you again soon!



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