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Manue Soum

Emanuelle Soum is a French multi disciplinary artist based in London.
Through out her career, she danced alongside of many popular artists like Dua Lipa, Mac Miller, Sam Smith, Elton John, Stromae, Kylie Minogue, Christine and the Queens, to name a few.
She likes to explore every aspects of what freedom of movements has to offer, and does not want her dance style to be put in a box. Through improvisation work, she develops her own language.
As a choreographer, she worked in the fashion, art and music industries. She recently collaborated with Lacoste and Sports Banger, London enfant terrible, on casting and movement direction. With
the French artist Alexandre Bavard, she choreographed and performed Bulky, a project they took all over the world, from Palais de Tokyo in Paris to Moct festival in Moscow. On the music side, she
choreographed for FKJ and (((O))) for their track « Vibing out », a great success which got 13M views on Youtube and much praises from the press.
When she is not sharing the stage with others, she is working on her projects. The last one in date was at Tate modern, where she presented a live performance about climate changes : Plastic Dreams.
In 2017, after 10 years in the dance industry, she needed to reinvent herself. She found in the Voguing scene a safe and free way to explore her feminine energy in a community who believes into individuality, beauty of difference and creativity. Through Elle Miyake Mugler, the alter ego she created, she explored her inner feminine strength, performances after performances.
She organised Balls in London and teaches Vogue Femme in UK and abroad. She also teaches yoga which is to her another path to develop individual power. Dance and yoga have always been part of her life, strong tools to develop herself as human and artist. She experimented those as inner medecine : a powerful practice to unlock tensions and connect to deep inner power. She studied to become a Hatha yoga teacher in the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. She has a classic approach to this discipline and keeps her teaching close to the tradition, values and knowledge she has been learning from.
Curiosity, instinct and adaptation guide her. Through her rich life experiences and the exploration of her many facets, she became the strong and unique individual she is now – and she is ready to pass
it on!​