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Leah and Marta are dancers and twin sisters, born in Spain and specialized in Hip Hop and Contemporary dance and recently working together under Back2basix.  


Individually, they both have an extensive career as dance performers and co-developing staged and filmed works including collaborations with musicians, capoeirists and composers across Amsterdam, Lisbon and London. Currently they continue to work with Instigate Unknown as company dancers and A FREE WXRLD. 


Leah’s credits include Amex, Open Art Surgery ’21, Building In Isolation Documentary and Film (releasing May 2021), No Limit Amsterdam, Netflix, UEL and Trip Project. 


Marta’s credits include Open Art Surgery ’21, Outrageous Behaviour, GDIF, Paul Oakenfeld, Alias LDN, 7 Days 7 Causes and Blackberry. 


Leah + Marta Valverde

General Level Hip Hop (kids 8+)

Thursday  (18.11.21 + 25.11.21)


Being drawn to work together during the production of the visual EP ‘Tales of Falling Walls’ and ‘Love, Lust, Misery’ by singer-songwriter Marco Mestichella, in what came to be their first full choreography and movement direction collaboration, they decided to continue their journey together and establish Back2basix. The company was born to tell stories through dance, movement and words in a simple, unusual and moving way. Their motto ‘forget what is’ means to continuously seek possibilities and to explore ideas in multiple ways with the intention to break out of our static vision of things, people and situations.  


Their first work ‘Dreamers’ Games’ was presented in February 2020 with excellent response from viewers. Since then, and through lockdown, their company has been featured in and created work for online platforms including Greenwich Dance’s Life in Lockdown Blog Series, Cleopatras Worldwide or 64 Million Artists. Since March 2021, Back2basix are part of Imperial College’s pool of artists for the development of creative projects with their academics to bring together science and arts. 


When teaching, they love to bring foundations and exploration to the forefront, as well as providing students with tools to work on their performance and choreography skills. Their classes create an open space for students to challenge themselves and grow while having fun.