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Leah + Marta


S- Hip-Hop Foundations and Choreography 3-4:30pm

Leah and Marta are dancers and twin sisters, born in Spain and epecialized in Hip Hop and Contemporary dance and recently working together under Back2basix.


They started their training in Valencia with some of the pioneers and masters in Hip Hop such as Junior Almeida and BRODAS. They also trained in Contemporary and Modern dance, learning from teachers including Melanie Venino, Alex Sieff and Gustavo Ramírez. Always passionate about creating, they were awarded the ‘Young Promises’ Award by Gerard Collins Dance Association for their first stage piece ‘Stupid Things that We Do’.  


Individually, their careers have taken them to develop stage pieces and workshops with dancers and musicians in Spain, Amsterdam, Lisbon and London as part of companies such as Alias LDN, the Rebirth Network, I=WE/Untold (UK/NL), and currently continue to work with A FREE WXRLD and Instigate Unknown. They have also collaborated with organizations that use dance for social change and inclusion.  


Their works focus on telling stories through dance, words and visuals in a simple, unusual and moving way, building from the foundations and dance vocabulary of the styles they practice.   


As Back2basix, they choreograph and direct movement for artists from different disciplines to bring to life their creative vision in the form of movement. In the last couple of years they have worked with singer-songwriter Marco Mestichella on his visual EP 'Love, Lust, Misery'.  


They also bring this philosophy to education, bringing dance foundations and exploration to the forefront, diving into devising methods and providing students tools to work on their performance.  



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