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Galit Criden

RESET - discover your body, expand your movement, and let loose



Galit trained as a choreographer.  She works across an array of visual culture arts - including live art, somatic movement work, and matriarchal research. The focus of Galit’s choreographic practice is defined by sculptural physicality, extended duration, and aesthetic precision. In the different projects she has created, the relation between space, duration, and movement is intensely magnified, and the viewer is given the chance to enter another realm of consciousness and awareness. Her work is widely acclaimed for its distinct visual language. 


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Galit currently holds a BA in Visual Theatre, a BA in early education, and an MA in Contemporary Art Theory at the Department of Visual Culture, Goldsmiths University of London. Her dissertation focused on maternal strategies in performance making as a site for political and social change. Currently, Galit is researching contemporary matriarchal structures as sites of change and the production of counter-knowledge through an intersectional lens of matriarchal structures, social and political participation, and LBGTQIA+. Parts of her research will be presented in her residency at the Women's Art Library at Goldsmiths University, in September 2021. 


Galit’s performances have been presented within the UK - including works such as ‘Stardust’ at Christie's Auction House in London, and ‘Standing Still’ at the Wellcome Collection Museum, curated by Valerie Brown.  She has presented works in London at Lewisham Art House, Dance Space, and Passion for Freedom Festival.  Internationally Galit has presented at Performatica Dance Festival (Puebla, Mexico), The Performance Conference (Jerusalem, Israel), Zaz Performance Art Festival's Group Exhibition (Tel Aviv, Israel), Chisenhale, and Solo Performance Performing Arts Forum (France). Her most recent project is 'Songs of a Hostess 2021' - an online series of performative webinars centring on body-knowledge in days of pandemic - which she co-curated and facilitated with Laura Kirshenboum.


Attesting to her outstanding abilities as a visual artist are Galit's numerous awards of excellence, and mentions in the press. In 2018 she was awarded the young promising Israeli Artist Award. In 2017 and 2016 she was awarded the Jehoshua Rabinowitz Foundation (a renowned Israeli establishment dedicated to the support of artists) Arts Grant for her work in ‘Observation Room’, . In 2016 Galit was also accepted into the Fest’Fectory, - an artistic residency compound, where she was commissioned to produce a new body of work over a two-year period, which culminated in a show at the Performance Conference, curated by Guy Gutman. In 2017 Galit was a recipient of the ‘Mifal HaPayis’ Foundation.

RESET - Photos by FWD artist in residence Yamina Liara

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